Eco-Healthy child care offers children a place to explore in a non-toxic environment, free from chemicals, serving wholesome organic foods. Air filtration removes allergens from our classrooms and an organic garden opens a new world to find every day. There is so much to discover--come play with us and see!

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Child-Centered Curriculum

Using the methods of Maria Montessori, M.D., children initiate activities based on their personal interests, gather practical life skills, and explore the world in an all-natural setting.

Social Investment

Sustainable living practices not only keep our children safe and healthy, but it also teaches the next generation how to act as guardians of the environment.

We compost our leftovers, reuse and recycle, and this teaches respect for the environment, as well as respect for ourselves and others.

Fitness & Nutrition

Our children stay active with creative balance and coordination activities for fun and fitness. On-site soccer and dance classes are also offered.

Eco Kids provides wholesome, organic meals for breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. A vegetarian menu is available.

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